Noa Ben-Nun Melamed

An image of multiplicity – about

An image of multiplicity – 1992 – Bograshov Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Ariela Azoulay

Silver prints, Xerox prints on transparencies, mirrors, aluminum, oil paint.

The photographs are mostly portraits from various sources: people photographed directly, photographs of sculptures from different eras taken around the world, magazine photos. Different degrees of representation of “the thing itself”: a person’s photo, a sculpture’s photo, a photo of a photograph. The images are Xeroxed, pasted onto aluminum or mirrors, have equal value in the flat plane of exhibition. They represent nothing but themselves, and the contemporary systems of human existence and perception: man/woman, body/soul, black/white, subject/object. The portraits watch one another, watch themselves and watch the viewer. The viewer is mirrored in the works, being forced to enter them and take part in the complex dialogue of gazes and perceptions.

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