Noa Ben-Nun Melamed

Postcard – about

Postcard – 2004 – Hakibbutz Gallery;
curator, Tali Tamir.

A computer-processed combination of color photos, scanned parts of postcards, passport photos and fortune cookies texts, digitally printed

Noa Ben-Nun Melamed examines once more the option to create private memory out of the “evidence” left after her father’s death. In previous exhibitions she utilized her family album, containing side-by-side moments out of the private family history and out of national history. Here she deals with the words sent to her by her father – a handsome man and a military hero – from his trips abroad. These words are fictional, they provide no photographic evidence, but they promise to tell the unseen, what lies behind the frozen moment. “I am tired of missing you”, he writes. But the soul is in pain, memory cannot be attached to words. Under and in-between these loving texts appear landscapes from color postcards, deceitful promises from fortune cookies, and the artist’s own passport photos, scanned from various documents, stamped by the authorities. The girl to whom the cards were sent grows up within the works of this exhibition, wrinkles of disappointment appear in the margins of her lips, her eyes are sad.
“No evidence to memory – no memory of evidence”, says the text on one of the postcards.

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